Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Week 14 Update

I finally have some time to sit down and post a new message. Well, we went and registered for baby things. It was fun, terrifying, stressful, and cool all in one. It was so fun looking at all the neat baby clothes and bibs you could buy, but hard because there is so much that is gender specific that it made it very difficult for us to register for clothing and stuff like that. David was excited and picked out an entire matching collection of a swing, stroller, baby seat, and play pen. He was all about the coordination of the pieces. It was cute and I was excited that he picked stuff out. The biggest items left is the nursey furniture which is so hard because there are way too many choices and it is amazing how expensive furniture is! Wow!

Well, I go for my next appointment on July 2nd and think it is bloodwork. Blah! Oh well. So far the biggest thing is me being tired, but it has been a good thing because I actually relax! I feel great and it is exciting to watch the baby grow through my increasing tummy:) Pretty soon, we will be able to find out if Baby Acosta is a she or a he. We have definitely decided on a girl's name, Ava Noel. I think it is just a gorgeous name and D really likes it too:) But, of course it is funny everytime he talks to my stomach D says hello little guy! I wonder what he would love to have even though I keep telling him a little girl would have him so wrapped around her finger he wouldn't know what to do:)

Things are going good. I have 3 more night sessions left and will be done with my certification. I cannot wait. I took my exam a week ago and am anxiously awaiting the results. It will feel so good to be done with school soon! D is hanging in there with his job! I wish sometimes he could see his own potential, but now he will sooner or later! Anyways, that seems to be all for now, excepts for these dogs driving me batty. I cannot wait until the doggie door is in so I can quit getting up to let the dogs stare out the doorway. Never a dull moment in our house.