Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Sonogram Results

Well, this was definitely an exciting, yet scary experience for both David and I. Today, April 17th at 9:15 a.m. we were experiencing our first video of our little peanut! Poor David had to deal with my hormonal changes as we drove telling him we could not be late for our first appointment as we were stuck in traffic. I guess I figured he could move the cars:) Anyways, we got there exactly at 9:15 and waited to go back. As we were waiting I was excited and giddy. Poor David got a case of the nerves and had to use the bathroom. The nurses laughed and tried giving him a hard time by saying he could not use the bathroom. Just as he came back a little less nervous, it was time to go in. When we got into the sonogram room David thought we were watching the weather channel when looking inside me because it looked like the Doppler Radar. Everything looked great and was measuring okay. Then it was time...the nurse was trying to find the 'little booger" as she referred to the Baby. Then there the grain of rice was. It was amazing. Between the yoke sak and the actual baby, it looked like a diamond engagement ring was stuck in my uterus:) The best part of the entire experience was when I felt David grab my arm when he saw the image of our Baby Acosta on the big screen. I wanted to cry because it was just an amazing feeling to know David was excited and there for the whole thing! I just love that man:) Anyways, I figured crying wasn't appropriate at that time, but this whole sonogram thing made reality hit! We are actually having a baby:O

After the sonogram we waited for a little bit in the waiting room, and it was so fun as David and I stared at our little grain of rice. It was so cool to see the picture of this little diamond ring (ha, ha) and the message "Hi Mom & Dad." WOW! After we stared at the picture and were about to go in, David's phone began to vibrate and it was Mama Betty. David laughed and said, "She's probably calling me so I don't forget to call her." We went into the doctor's office and they did a regular exam and said everything from the bloodwork to the exam appears to be fine. I am about 5 weeks along and have a expected due date of December 15th! It was so neat talking to the doctor and we even got a duffel bag full of goodies like prenatal vitamins and reading materials. Plus it has a really cute little baby bear tag on it. That is my favorite part. As we were ready to leave after scheduling the May 4th sonogram that will really determine the heartbeat and baby's length, we had to sit through a counseling of our insurance and the cost of having a baby. Let's just say I cried all the way to lunch. It was a huge overload for me and of course now I am okay and David was amazing, but wow people don't joke when they say kids are expensive. But, on the flip side, we get to have a Baby Acosta for a lifetime. I cannot wait. So before I say goodbye to eat because I am starving, I will leave you with some final thoughts:
I am over joyed, scared, happy, emotional, but most importantly, I am so excited that David and I are going to be parents and that we have the support of our family and friends. Thank you and we love you more than we could ever say.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

General News

Just some up to date tid bits on the Acosta Family:
1) I am leaving first grade after 6 fantastic years and heading up into the world of 4th grade. Although I am a little scared, I am thrilled to have this new opportunity and I will be teaching a great group of kids who I have had in the past.

2) David is doing well at Countrywide as a mortgage consultant.

3) Daniel is adjusting well with his move down here! He is doing fantastic in his new job and has crashed the Dallas Party Scene.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kristy's Blogging Journal

I have to say thank you to Kristy for thinking of all the people not in Texas who want to know what is going on down here; especially now. so, Kristy got her wish... I created a Baby Acosta Blog for all to check in on and see how crazy and fun the next 9 months or less are going to be. I can already see some funny stories coming our way. For example, my mom has only known for 2 days and is so excited she already wants to go and put baby stuff on lay-a-way after we find out how far along we are! I love my mom:)

We're Pregnant

On Thursday, April 12th at 11:45 a.m. I found out that there was a "Baby Acosta" on the way! What a rush of emotions that followed. I cried happy tears, but of course did a typical Shannon thing and told the doctor when he asked if I was happy, "Yes, but I have had several margaritas, and wine, and beer." The doctor just laughed and said, "That is okay." So, after this outburst I was on my way to get 7 tubes of blood taken for my first OB blood work. Fun! Then I was off to tell David. I called hime at work and asked if he could go to lunch with me. Of course David being concerned asked how the doctor's appointment went I responded with,"I'll talk to you about it when I pick you up." Probably the wrong choice of words since David was now in a panic thinking the worst news is about to be dropped on him. I apicke David up from work and his immediate response was, "Well, what happened." I smiled and said, "Well, everything is good and we are pregnant." David's first response was, "No were not, quit lying." This went on for about 5 minutes and I finally took out the pregnancy test the doctor's office gave me and said, "Yes we are. SEE!" David was in shock and of course then was not hungry, which was not working for me:) Anyways, after lunch I went back to work as did David. That is when all the fun began.

As soon as I walked into work my entire team rushed me and was like, "What happened." I just smiled and my pregnant co-worker said, "I knew it." So there was lots of hugs and tears. David's boss was so happy for him that he sent him home from work, so David thought to come hang out with me for the last hour of work. We were trying to tell my parents first, but they were busy at a conference. It was funny because Mama Betty's and Daniel's response was the same as David's, Tito laughed and kept saying that this is wonderful, Carrie screamed and said she couldn't wait to dress me, Kristy said she knew it and that I always get what I want, Dale smiled and said my mother was going to freak, and then mom's response... She opened the bag with two little bootties in it and screamed in excitement at On the Border. From there on she couldn't stop talking about all the things we needed to do... David was still in shock and sat quitely as he drank his beer:) We called my grandparents and Aunt Sandy and both were very excited. I think my aunt teared up, but I am not sure. Anyways, Tuesday, April 17th is my first ultrasound and David and I will be there waiting to see how far along Baby Acosta is! All I know is my boobs are very sore and I am tired. And all of you know I am like the energizer bunny, so tiredness and actually laying down are new concepts for me, but I am okay with it!