Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's a boy!

At 17.5 weeks it was confirmed that there is baby boy inside me:) D was absolutely excited of course. We have no boy name yet, but we had a girl name that we can now save for hopefully baby number two when the time comes. It was funny after we found out we went to Babies R Us and I am talking on the phone to turn around and find D with crib sport bedding in his hands. Silly man! He put it back and we decided to go with a Snoopy Sport Themed Nursery. I am really excited to see it all come together and to meet this little man who is making me hormonal and ridicuolousy hungry all the time:) It is ironic because as the time goes on, I get a little more nervous and begin to think oh my I am going to be a mom, can I handle it. What if I don't know what to do. Little things like that scare me, but I know I will have lots of support. D was reading info the other day on after the birth and said, If you are having post portum depression, you better tell me. It was so bizarre to hear him say that, and he said I just worry about you and don't want you to think you can't tell me stuff like that. I am very lucky and thankful to have a supportive hubby:) Anyways, we go home in week and it will be so nice to see family and friends. We probably won't get home for at least a year so this is a good time to visit.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Week 14 Update

I finally have some time to sit down and post a new message. Well, we went and registered for baby things. It was fun, terrifying, stressful, and cool all in one. It was so fun looking at all the neat baby clothes and bibs you could buy, but hard because there is so much that is gender specific that it made it very difficult for us to register for clothing and stuff like that. David was excited and picked out an entire matching collection of a swing, stroller, baby seat, and play pen. He was all about the coordination of the pieces. It was cute and I was excited that he picked stuff out. The biggest items left is the nursey furniture which is so hard because there are way too many choices and it is amazing how expensive furniture is! Wow!

Well, I go for my next appointment on July 2nd and think it is bloodwork. Blah! Oh well. So far the biggest thing is me being tired, but it has been a good thing because I actually relax! I feel great and it is exciting to watch the baby grow through my increasing tummy:) Pretty soon, we will be able to find out if Baby Acosta is a she or a he. We have definitely decided on a girl's name, Ava Noel. I think it is just a gorgeous name and D really likes it too:) But, of course it is funny everytime he talks to my stomach D says hello little guy! I wonder what he would love to have even though I keep telling him a little girl would have him so wrapped around her finger he wouldn't know what to do:)

Things are going good. I have 3 more night sessions left and will be done with my certification. I cannot wait. I took my exam a week ago and am anxiously awaiting the results. It will feel so good to be done with school soon! D is hanging in there with his job! I wish sometimes he could see his own potential, but now he will sooner or later! Anyways, that seems to be all for now, excepts for these dogs driving me batty. I cannot wait until the doggie door is in so I can quit getting up to let the dogs stare out the doorway. Never a dull moment in our house.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Week 9

Well, I cannot believe that I am 9 weeks and on my June 4th appointmennt I will be past my first trimester. I cannot wait to have that sense of relief. I am definitely more tired lately and there is so much more on my plate right now that I am trying to find that happy balance. From now teaching summer school, to taking a Maymester class Mon-Thurs for the next few weeks, and getting ready for the last two weeks of school is crazy and I have to say thanks to the baby because I would be running myself ragged if it wasn't for the baby telling me I am tired and to relax. It also helps having D & D at the house helping out. I feel like I am leaving them high and dry the next two weeks with dinner because of class. I left pizzas, pizza rolls, and chicken nuggets in the freezer. I know they can handle themselves and won't starve, but I feel bad they have to eat junk for dinner. Anyways, overall I have to say I am feeling great other than being tired and the occassional upset stomach. I definitely know what Baby A doesn't like because he/she does not hesitate to tell me. It is so funny because D is now talking to the baby more and when he refers to Baby A he always says he. It cracks me up because I know if his "he" becomes a "she" that baby will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Me on the other hand, I don't have a preference one way or the other. I just want a happy, healthly, normal baby who I can love and take care of. I wish I could hold out and not find out, but I don't think I will be able to. Well, to those of you reading my thoughts thanks and it is so nice to sit down and express my feelings every now and again. I do promise pictures will be coming:) My pooch is beginning to show according to D.

Mother's Day

Well, it is surreal to realize that I am officially a mom, even though our bundle of joy is not expected to arrive until mid December. It really didn't phase me about actually being told Happy Mother's Day until I received two cards and D's dad called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. It was crazy, exciting, and scary all in the same moment:) So, when everyone used to tell me there is nothing better than being a mom or better said, nothing more rewarding, I am beginning to see what they mean. It is so cool and I cannot wait to meet Baby A in 7 months!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

David's Thoughts

So yesterday was pretty cool we got to see the little teddy gram (this what the nurse said the baby looks like at 8 weeks). So before we see the teddy gram we are in the waiting room and I have to say it is not as nerve racking as the first time you are in there except for the fact that i am at a GYN office with a bunch of hormonal women, which is always uncomfortable. well they finally call Shannon into the sonogram room, the nurse is really nice. So they tell Shannon to get undressed and then they get this machine that can show us what is going on inside of her This machine is very intimidating due to the fact that it has to placed somewhere I don't feel the doctor or nurse should be, but hey they gotta due what they gotta due. The cool thing was that when the machine turned on the baby popped up on the screen i immediately saw the heartbeat which was so cool and really put in perspective that there was a living person inside my wife. I could see the little arms and legs and they said that in about 4 more weeks you would be able to see fingers and toes. I can' t believe that that little engagement ring turned into a little person in a matter of weeks. That is crazy. then came the meeting with the doctor who is actually a nice guy and at least this time we both had questions which we both shot off pretty quickly one after another. needless to say the doctor answered them all and then some which is always a good thing. Well this is my first post and I don't really know how this is supposed to go but I think this is good start to letting everyone know exactly how I feel.

Family Update

As I write this update on the family the boys are upstairs arguing over who will win the fight tonight; Mayweather or De La Hoya. What a surprise that they are arguing:) Anyways, David is hanging in at his job and trying hard to make it work! Daniel is working like crazy and his company just had a huge layoff, but he is safe! He went out last night to what he said to be the "hottest" club he's been to yet. I am so happy that he has made friends and going out and having a good time! We love having Daniel around; sometimes it is even fun when Daniel and I gang up on David. What is so funny is David's reactions...but we can only play around so much before people start getting mad:O As far as me, I am getting ready to move up to fourth grade and my prinicipal asked me to be the team leader. I am a bit nervous taking over a brand new team, but at the same time excited about the challenge. I am getting ready to take a two week course beginning May 14th for my administration degree. Really not looking forward to going Monday - Thursday 5-9, but it is worth it. I know I will have help both at school and at home. The important thing for me to remember is not to stress out during this time frame. I should be fine though and plus I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am scheduled to take my administration certification exam in June. I have been gradually looking over material and am a little nervous. Anyways, life is good and I love my new attitude of; it's good; no worries! Yeah, who would of thought you'd hear that from me!

Second Sonogram

WOW! Today was a day! We had three tours for daycare facilities scheduled and our sonogram appointment. We both took the day off to take time for ourselves and our baby:) Our day started off getting stuck in track again on the way to the first daycare visit. All and all we got there 5 minutes late, but trying to let them know we were going to be late was a whole nother story. We couldn't find Verizon operator nor did we understand how to use the Internet on our phones so we called my mom who did not answer. I did not want to show up to an appointment late; especially our first day care appointment. So we called Smedco since we knew she'd be up getting ready to take her parents to the airport. She saved the day with getting us a phone number. When we finally arrived at the first place we had a thorough tour and spent a great deal in the infant room. For me, I was overwhelmed with joy and was getting choked up when I realized in 7 months we would be holding a precious little baby! Mind Boggling! David on the other hand was in awe and was trying to take everything in. It was so funny when the lady asked David if he had any questions he just stared and said, "I am trying to sort through everything, but I am sure I have questions later." It was really cute and I was so happy he went with me. After that tour we were off for our sonogram appointment.

We got to the doctors and waited a bit, but was finally able to get the party started. We got ready to see the baby on the big screeen... Poof! There was the baby; it no longer looked like I had an engagement ring inside my belly, but an actual baby was there. The sonogram lady was so funny because she told us here was our little teddy gram:) It was crazy seeing the heart flutter at 176 beats per minute. Wow, there is actually a baby growing inside of me and I am only 8 weeks and two days at this point. David was shocked and grabbed my hand immeditaely as he saw the actual baby. It was crazy, amazing, and weird all at the same time. How is it possible to love someone so much and you've never met them! I find myself always rubbing my belly and talking to the baby. It is so crazy! Anyways, the appointment went well and we are happy. We sent pictures off and at our next appointment, June 4th, we are going to bring a CD where they can burn all the pictures to the CD so we can email them out to everyone. Technology has sure changed!

So, after the appointment we went and toured two more facilities for child care and have realized what a decision this is. Crazy how expensive they are,but when they have your baby you want the best. It is even more crazy at the fact that you have to look so far ahead for child care. Amazing! Well, that is all for know and we will chat later.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Sonogram Results

Well, this was definitely an exciting, yet scary experience for both David and I. Today, April 17th at 9:15 a.m. we were experiencing our first video of our little peanut! Poor David had to deal with my hormonal changes as we drove telling him we could not be late for our first appointment as we were stuck in traffic. I guess I figured he could move the cars:) Anyways, we got there exactly at 9:15 and waited to go back. As we were waiting I was excited and giddy. Poor David got a case of the nerves and had to use the bathroom. The nurses laughed and tried giving him a hard time by saying he could not use the bathroom. Just as he came back a little less nervous, it was time to go in. When we got into the sonogram room David thought we were watching the weather channel when looking inside me because it looked like the Doppler Radar. Everything looked great and was measuring okay. Then it was time...the nurse was trying to find the 'little booger" as she referred to the Baby. Then there the grain of rice was. It was amazing. Between the yoke sak and the actual baby, it looked like a diamond engagement ring was stuck in my uterus:) The best part of the entire experience was when I felt David grab my arm when he saw the image of our Baby Acosta on the big screen. I wanted to cry because it was just an amazing feeling to know David was excited and there for the whole thing! I just love that man:) Anyways, I figured crying wasn't appropriate at that time, but this whole sonogram thing made reality hit! We are actually having a baby:O

After the sonogram we waited for a little bit in the waiting room, and it was so fun as David and I stared at our little grain of rice. It was so cool to see the picture of this little diamond ring (ha, ha) and the message "Hi Mom & Dad." WOW! After we stared at the picture and were about to go in, David's phone began to vibrate and it was Mama Betty. David laughed and said, "She's probably calling me so I don't forget to call her." We went into the doctor's office and they did a regular exam and said everything from the bloodwork to the exam appears to be fine. I am about 5 weeks along and have a expected due date of December 15th! It was so neat talking to the doctor and we even got a duffel bag full of goodies like prenatal vitamins and reading materials. Plus it has a really cute little baby bear tag on it. That is my favorite part. As we were ready to leave after scheduling the May 4th sonogram that will really determine the heartbeat and baby's length, we had to sit through a counseling of our insurance and the cost of having a baby. Let's just say I cried all the way to lunch. It was a huge overload for me and of course now I am okay and David was amazing, but wow people don't joke when they say kids are expensive. But, on the flip side, we get to have a Baby Acosta for a lifetime. I cannot wait. So before I say goodbye to eat because I am starving, I will leave you with some final thoughts:
I am over joyed, scared, happy, emotional, but most importantly, I am so excited that David and I are going to be parents and that we have the support of our family and friends. Thank you and we love you more than we could ever say.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

General News

Just some up to date tid bits on the Acosta Family:
1) I am leaving first grade after 6 fantastic years and heading up into the world of 4th grade. Although I am a little scared, I am thrilled to have this new opportunity and I will be teaching a great group of kids who I have had in the past.

2) David is doing well at Countrywide as a mortgage consultant.

3) Daniel is adjusting well with his move down here! He is doing fantastic in his new job and has crashed the Dallas Party Scene.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kristy's Blogging Journal

I have to say thank you to Kristy for thinking of all the people not in Texas who want to know what is going on down here; especially now. so, Kristy got her wish... I created a Baby Acosta Blog for all to check in on and see how crazy and fun the next 9 months or less are going to be. I can already see some funny stories coming our way. For example, my mom has only known for 2 days and is so excited she already wants to go and put baby stuff on lay-a-way after we find out how far along we are! I love my mom:)

We're Pregnant

On Thursday, April 12th at 11:45 a.m. I found out that there was a "Baby Acosta" on the way! What a rush of emotions that followed. I cried happy tears, but of course did a typical Shannon thing and told the doctor when he asked if I was happy, "Yes, but I have had several margaritas, and wine, and beer." The doctor just laughed and said, "That is okay." So, after this outburst I was on my way to get 7 tubes of blood taken for my first OB blood work. Fun! Then I was off to tell David. I called hime at work and asked if he could go to lunch with me. Of course David being concerned asked how the doctor's appointment went I responded with,"I'll talk to you about it when I pick you up." Probably the wrong choice of words since David was now in a panic thinking the worst news is about to be dropped on him. I apicke David up from work and his immediate response was, "Well, what happened." I smiled and said, "Well, everything is good and we are pregnant." David's first response was, "No were not, quit lying." This went on for about 5 minutes and I finally took out the pregnancy test the doctor's office gave me and said, "Yes we are. SEE!" David was in shock and of course then was not hungry, which was not working for me:) Anyways, after lunch I went back to work as did David. That is when all the fun began.

As soon as I walked into work my entire team rushed me and was like, "What happened." I just smiled and my pregnant co-worker said, "I knew it." So there was lots of hugs and tears. David's boss was so happy for him that he sent him home from work, so David thought to come hang out with me for the last hour of work. We were trying to tell my parents first, but they were busy at a conference. It was funny because Mama Betty's and Daniel's response was the same as David's, Tito laughed and kept saying that this is wonderful, Carrie screamed and said she couldn't wait to dress me, Kristy said she knew it and that I always get what I want, Dale smiled and said my mother was going to freak, and then mom's response... She opened the bag with two little bootties in it and screamed in excitement at On the Border. From there on she couldn't stop talking about all the things we needed to do... David was still in shock and sat quitely as he drank his beer:) We called my grandparents and Aunt Sandy and both were very excited. I think my aunt teared up, but I am not sure. Anyways, Tuesday, April 17th is my first ultrasound and David and I will be there waiting to see how far along Baby Acosta is! All I know is my boobs are very sore and I am tired. And all of you know I am like the energizer bunny, so tiredness and actually laying down are new concepts for me, but I am okay with it!