Saturday, May 5, 2007

David's Thoughts

So yesterday was pretty cool we got to see the little teddy gram (this what the nurse said the baby looks like at 8 weeks). So before we see the teddy gram we are in the waiting room and I have to say it is not as nerve racking as the first time you are in there except for the fact that i am at a GYN office with a bunch of hormonal women, which is always uncomfortable. well they finally call Shannon into the sonogram room, the nurse is really nice. So they tell Shannon to get undressed and then they get this machine that can show us what is going on inside of her This machine is very intimidating due to the fact that it has to placed somewhere I don't feel the doctor or nurse should be, but hey they gotta due what they gotta due. The cool thing was that when the machine turned on the baby popped up on the screen i immediately saw the heartbeat which was so cool and really put in perspective that there was a living person inside my wife. I could see the little arms and legs and they said that in about 4 more weeks you would be able to see fingers and toes. I can' t believe that that little engagement ring turned into a little person in a matter of weeks. That is crazy. then came the meeting with the doctor who is actually a nice guy and at least this time we both had questions which we both shot off pretty quickly one after another. needless to say the doctor answered them all and then some which is always a good thing. Well this is my first post and I don't really know how this is supposed to go but I think this is good start to letting everyone know exactly how I feel.

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Chipper said...

You are going to be such a great dad.!! Thanks to you both for the pic... it really lloks like a teddy gram :)