Saturday, May 5, 2007

Second Sonogram

WOW! Today was a day! We had three tours for daycare facilities scheduled and our sonogram appointment. We both took the day off to take time for ourselves and our baby:) Our day started off getting stuck in track again on the way to the first daycare visit. All and all we got there 5 minutes late, but trying to let them know we were going to be late was a whole nother story. We couldn't find Verizon operator nor did we understand how to use the Internet on our phones so we called my mom who did not answer. I did not want to show up to an appointment late; especially our first day care appointment. So we called Smedco since we knew she'd be up getting ready to take her parents to the airport. She saved the day with getting us a phone number. When we finally arrived at the first place we had a thorough tour and spent a great deal in the infant room. For me, I was overwhelmed with joy and was getting choked up when I realized in 7 months we would be holding a precious little baby! Mind Boggling! David on the other hand was in awe and was trying to take everything in. It was so funny when the lady asked David if he had any questions he just stared and said, "I am trying to sort through everything, but I am sure I have questions later." It was really cute and I was so happy he went with me. After that tour we were off for our sonogram appointment.

We got to the doctors and waited a bit, but was finally able to get the party started. We got ready to see the baby on the big screeen... Poof! There was the baby; it no longer looked like I had an engagement ring inside my belly, but an actual baby was there. The sonogram lady was so funny because she told us here was our little teddy gram:) It was crazy seeing the heart flutter at 176 beats per minute. Wow, there is actually a baby growing inside of me and I am only 8 weeks and two days at this point. David was shocked and grabbed my hand immeditaely as he saw the actual baby. It was crazy, amazing, and weird all at the same time. How is it possible to love someone so much and you've never met them! I find myself always rubbing my belly and talking to the baby. It is so crazy! Anyways, the appointment went well and we are happy. We sent pictures off and at our next appointment, June 4th, we are going to bring a CD where they can burn all the pictures to the CD so we can email them out to everyone. Technology has sure changed!

So, after the appointment we went and toured two more facilities for child care and have realized what a decision this is. Crazy how expensive they are,but when they have your baby you want the best. It is even more crazy at the fact that you have to look so far ahead for child care. Amazing! Well, that is all for know and we will chat later.

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